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Destiny Lies Waiting


   Thy Name is Love

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Reviewed in Romantic Times and Romance Reviews Today

ISBN: 1-58345-078-5


Destiny Lies Waiting

Beautiful orphaned Denys has been brought up a member of the Woodville family, now in power thanks to her aunt Elizabeth, wife of the new Yorkist king Edward IV. Unwilling to become a pawn in her aunt’s bid for power, she decides to seek the truth about her family and her real identity.

Valentine Starbury, loyal ally to young Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the king’s brother, agrees to woo Denys in order to save his friend from Elizabeth Woodville’s plan for Richard and Denys to wed. He unexpectedly falls in love with her, thus earning the enmity of the queen.

The secrets both uncover will have dangerous consequences for Denys and Valentine, and the whole of England itself.

Thy Name is Love

The story first begun in Destiny Lies Waiting continues in this second volume. Denys Starbury and her husband Valentine are thrust into the world of power politics as one by one the royal family is eliminated, until only one man can contend for the throne: Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Denys continues to search for her lost family, but she finds only a trail of murder and destruction. She also seeks the love of Valentine. In a world of shifting allegiances, how can she ever bring herself to trust him?





“DESTINY LIES WAITING is an interesting novel set in a well-known time in England, when court drama and politics was at its most rampant. Ms. Rubino does an excellent job of capturing that atmosphere while she develops Denys and Valentine into multi-dimensional and entertaining characters. Denys appears somewhat more multi-faceted as she struggles to learn Elizabeth's intentions while battling her feelings for Valentine." --Astrid Kinn, Romance Reviews Today"Anglophiles will enjoy the depth of detail and large cast of historical personages Ms. Rubino has included in her debut novel.” --Kathe Robin, Romantic Times




"I find your style easy to read and the story moves along rapidly as you tell it. It was also interesting tosee all of this from a woman's perspective. I especially admire your imagination in creating your characters and scenes--so much so, I would really like to know in more detail what is fiction and what is real. I used an encyclopaedia whenever I had to brush up on the history of the era, but that leaves your notions out of it. I thoroughly enjoyed being 'stretched' mentally in such a pleasurable manner. You have done a fine job and gotten an old non-fiction reader and bitchy curmudgeon to enjoy something different for a change. My congratulations and my thanks. I admire you for your work and envy you in your talent." --William Richter

I've finished the first two in the Yorkist series and can't wait to see what happens next, even though Richard is out of the story. I like the way she talks to [Henry Tudor]. What a creep he was. The foreshadowing when Richard goes to Market Bosworth in the first book is good, too--of course, you'd probably have some explaining to do to Ricardians if you didn't put something like that in! I like Valentine--yum! -- Suzanne Pontius


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