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       Fakin' It




Fakin' It

Formerly Too Much For Words

ISBN: 1583459790
ISBN-13: 9781583459799

Format: Paperback, 185pp

Ebook and Kindle

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Pub. Date: May 14, 2010




**** 1/2


Can be ordered from
www.amazon.com,  www.digibookscafe.com, www.thewildrosepress.com


Reviewed in America Online's Writers Club Romance Group, www.thebestreviews.com
CompuServe Romance Reviews and Romantic Times


--Special thanks to Alender Ozer in Istanbul, for the name Ugur, "our" planet. And for the exquisite silk rug!)



Science fiction novelist Judi Somers becomes so obsessed with her imaginary hero Race Parsec that she begs her best friend Felix, a not-so-mad scientist, to create a clone with every single one of her ideal man’s characteristics. But as Judi and Felix work on the perfect being, Judi finds herself more and more drawn to its creator, and begins to wonder if Felix is actually the man of her dreams after all. Once the android Race is off the lab table and in the flesh, will she be able to tolerate his perfection? Or can a mere mortal like Felix ever give her the wonderful life she has always dreamt of?


From Romantic Times:




TOO MUCH FOR WORDS is what science fiction novelist Judi Somers gets when she begs Felix, her old school chum turned brilliant scientist, to translate her fictional hero into a life-like android.

On paper, Race Parsec is an interplanetary swash-buckling hero, the man against whom she measures all other men. But for Felix, who’s been in love with Judi for years, creating her perfect mate is pure agony. But Felix gets even when he delivers the man of Judi’s dreams--or is he?

With nods to several SF writers, Diana Rubino’s narrative is a funny, entertaining peek at what happens when one woman actually gets what she asked for. This is a refreshing departure from Ms. Rubino’s historical writing.—Kelly Rae Cooper


From Night Owl Reviews

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Score: 4.00 / 5

Judi is a recently divorced writer who is feeling upset as she gets her heart broken all the time. When her friend Felix tells her about his research breakthrough into creating living beings, Judi wants in on the research. Judi convinces him that she needs a perfect boyfriend. At first Felix is against it, but he finely gives in.

Judi has to decide what her perfect boyfriend is like, what traits he needs to have and what type of personality he needs. Leon from her books would be a perfect boyfriend for sure. Once Leo is created Judi wants him to be perfect. But maybe perfection isn't what Judi really needs. Maybe Felix is really the best guy for her.

I enjoyed Fakin' It. It has a fun and cute plot. Leo was super hot, but like Judi I probably would have gotten tired of him too. He was just a bit annoying...too perfect. I did feel sorry for Felix for loving Judi for such a long time and having to deal with her wanting someone else. Luckily these two do end up together and have their HEA. The friendship between Judi and Felix really made this book memorable.



Diana Rubino  •  Email: diana@dianarubino.com