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Destiny Lies Waiting


Thy Name is Love

"Anglophiles will enjoy the depth of detail and large cast of historical personages Ms. Rubino has included in her debut novel.”
--Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


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Margret West Interview

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Romantic Times

“DESTINY LIES WAITING is an interesting novel set in a well-known time in England, when court drama and politics was at its most rampant. Ms. Rubino does an excellent job of capturing that atmosphere while she develops Denys and Valentine into multi-dimensional and entertaining characters. Denys appears somewhat more multi-faceted as she struggles to learn Elizabeth's intentions while battling her feelings for Valentine."
--Astrid Kinn, Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today

The Jewels of Warwick


Crown of Destiny

“Though fictitious characters, the Jewels’ experiences are probable, enabling Ms. Rubino free reign with history.” Romantic Times

Romance Reviews Today

Fakin' It

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I Love You Because

I LOVE YOU BECAUSE by Diana Rubino is all that and then some. Everything about this book is what writing should be--original and wonderfully executed. Bravo!--
Karen L. Williams,
Rhapsody Magazine 


Romantic Times
Nettie and Tom face economic problems, prejudice, and cultural differences. Ms. Rubinos research is obvious, but she became so absorbed in the details of the era, politics, and subplots that she sometimes loses sight of the characters.
—Kathe Robin
Romantic Times

One Too Many Times

My final conclusion is that ONE TOO MANY TIMES is a clever and original blend of history and speculation, an altogether good time tale told with bawdy humor. --
Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today
Romance Reviews Today
This is a delicious book and will be savored by readers who like their romances hot and their humor dry.
--Steven Lopata, CompuServe Romance Reviews
Definitely a fantasy that's fun.
--Susan Mobley, Romantic Times
Romantic Times
When you're ready for a merry jaunt along the time continuum, reach for a copy of ONE TOO MANY TIMES!
--AOL Romance Fiction Forum  
They couldn't be as much of a romp as this, though! --Myrna Smith, Richard III Society
Richard III Society
Yet, somehow, taken together as a whole, it's intriguing and keeps drawing the reader back...
--Morgan Paige, Old Book Barn
Move over Mel Gibson and Shakespeare for Diana Rubino's eclectic blend that will keep readers enthralled. Highly recommended."
--Cindy Penn, Wordweaving, Atlanta, GA

It Was Like This

Fine addition to the home library if you enjoy historical fiction filled with a touch of romance, and a whole lot of action.
Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
Molly Martin, The Author's Den
Authors Den
This may not be your typical
romance, but it is one magnificent story.
Deborah Brent, Romantic Times
Romantic Times
The ending is a terrific didn't-see-it-coming surprise, the plot is well-paced, and the characters won't leave you for weeks. Highly recommended.
-- Linda Unger, Medford, NY

A Bloody Good Cruise

Diana Rubino crafts a good read with interesting players that never have a dull moment. Tessie is a wonderful secondary character that adds her own personality to this enchanting tale.
Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
Coffee Time Romance Reviews

A fun treat for a lazy afternoon.

Patricia of Patricia's Vampire Notes


Vampire Notes


Traveling Light


You Gotta Read Reviews


Rating: You Want to Read

In the present, Leigh Halliday sleeps in the bed once owned by King Richard III, and wakes up in Richard's bed, but in Richard's time, 1485.

In 1485, Guy Blakamour, trusted knight of King Richard, believes Leigh is Sandrissa, the wife he'd never met, having arrived for the wedding planned by the king.

Leigh knows that Guy was recorded in history as having been executed for treason and drowning his first wife. She discovers that Guy's 'treason' and 'drowning' of his wife was a setup by a Welsh clan who's hated Guy's family for centuries. She puts her life on the line to clear his name and attempts to return home--with Guy, whom she's grown to love.

Review: This is a nice Time Travel filled with rich detail of the historic time period. The characters are very likeable with interesting conflicts.

Leigh is a modern, educated young woman who is struggling to recover from the pain associated with the death of her husband. Suddenly she finds herself in Medieval England married by proxy, with the groom looking forward to consummating the marriage! Based on what she has read about her “husband”, Guy, she is distrustful and wary. Although there is no denying that he is a really good looking knight and she is drawn to him.

Guy is really a very honorable man and faithful to King Richard. Guy has lost all those he has loved - his parents, a brother and sister and his first wife and son. He blames a curse by the Llanwddyns, who have long been feuding with his family. He was willing to marry Sandrissa to gain lands and men, as ordered by his King. He hadn’t planned to wait to consummate the union until the actual church wedding, but he finds he is willing to compromise and try to woo the lovely, intelligent lady he finds in the king’s bed!

The story focuses on Leigh’s efforts to avoid consummating the marriage and getting back to her own time. She is able to earn money in an interesting enterprise. When that money is taken, she realizes she must stay and help Guy, whom she has begun to love. Finally she realizes how to get back and she tries to convince Guy to walk away from a losing battle and go with her instead.

The story moved along well with interesting glimpses of the medieval lifestyle in dress, customs, surroundings and brutal intrigues and politics. However, because of the blurb, I kept anticipating Leigh trying to save Guy and getting him to return to the future with her. I kept waiting and waiting and that didn’t happen till very near the end of the book so it was a bit of a distraction! Also, there were parts of the story that seemed rushed and missing some depth that could have been there. But all in all it was an engaging read. I recommend that you get the book, ignore the blurb (or don’t get distracted by it like I did) and enjoy the story!