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       The Jewels of Warwick




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       Reviewed in Romantic Times  

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Happy anniversary to Warwick Castle built in 904, 1100 years old in 2014!

King Henry VIII had six wives and many more mistresses, but Amethyst of Warwick was the love of his life. So why didn’t he ever marry her? He was either married, or she was married—to a despicable old wretch he foisted upon her as a punishment.

Amethyst’s older sister Topaz is a spitfire who makes his live a living hell, only because she’s trying to seize his throne. She has a credible reason—Henry’s father killed her father, a rightful heir to the throne, to get him out of the way. As the Jewels grew up without their father, Topaz mourned his wasted life. Now she wants what’s rightfully hers.

Amethyst remains a faithful supporter, confidante, lover, and friend, through Henry's tragic marriages and England's break with Rome.

Until the night Henry dies in her arms, she is torn between her love for him and for her sister. Amethyst’s devotion to Henry creates a painful rift between the sisters that remains unresolved until the story’s end. While Amethyst lives a comfortable but troublesome life at court as the king's mistress, Topaz raises an army and goes into battle with the king. Forced to defend his crown, he imprisons Topaz for treason. Amethyst begs the king to release her, but he dies while she's still imprisoned.

 Henry's heir, young King Edward, sets Topaz free, but banishes her to the New World. She embarks on a voyage with explorer Sebastian Cabot, hoping to colonize her own monarch‑free realm, in what will someday be New England.

What Readers Say:

“Though fictitious characters, the Jewels’ experiences are probable, enabling Ms. Rubino free reign with history.” Romantic Times

“Diana Rubino presents the court of Henry VIII in an informative and interesting way and mixes the actual and fictional characters very smoothly. A book you’ll want to read more than once.” Doris Love

"THE JEWELS OF WARWICK is a hard-to-put-down, fast-paced, dynamic, character-driven novel with a sound historical base and wonderful descriptive passages. However, it is the strength of the "Jewels" - Topaz and Amethyst Plantagenet - that shines through the drama, intrigue, and love lives of these remarkable women. The authenticity of dress, manner, and historical events added interest to this many-faceted and multi-splendored depiction of court life in England during the early years of the 16th century."  Janet Adams (as reviewed on the Barnes & Noble website)

"A perfect ending to the saga--or is it?Having read all four books in the series, I was expecting there to be some letup in the thrills and action, but this book was even better than I had hoped for. All of the characters' fates were apt ones, and of course the happily ever after ending came, but in some unexpected ways. The action and adventure were super. All I can say is, these books cry out for a sequel. Gorgeous settings and excellent historical research make this series, and this last book in particular, well worth reading." A reader in Seattle (as reviewed on the amazon.com website)

Diana Rubino  •  Email: diana@dianarubino.com